Quietly into Disaster – A Plea for Survival

During the 70s Holger Strohm published "Quietly into the disaster" which was to become the "bible of the anti-nuclear movement"(newspaper "Der Stern").

Since then, this 1.360 page strong book has been reissued and reprinted several times.

Now, 40 years later, the author and a team of young film makers joined forces to bring this critical examination onto screens.

Similar to the book, the movie convinces the viewer through well-researched facts about the consequences of nuclear fission: damages done to health and environment, nuclear waste and politics, renewable energy, reactor safety, the serious implications of a nuclear accident and the public resistance.

Leading experts from science, politics and activist groups shed light onto issues which are often gladly left in the dark.

After watching this movie you simply can’t support nuclear energy any longer.

Producer: Dr. Holger Strohm

He studied production engineering in Berlin, business administration in Gothenburg, business communication in Toronto, business psychology at Berkeley and educational science in Hamburg. He formerly worked as an executive employee and an industrial consultant. Strohm is author of over 80 books. As a nuclear expert he consulted various authorities such as the US-ERDA on reactor safety, the chair man of the US-Senate Committee of Government Operations on proliferation of nuclear arms and sabotage, the UN on climate protection and the Interior Committee of the German Parliament on nuclear economy and organizational safety.

He also advised the Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme in the fields of energy and education 40 years ago he developed a new school system for Palme which is still considered to be the most effective and humane in the world. It has even been adopted by the Republic of China.

Director: Marcin El

Marcin studied film and tv direction at "medienakademie" in Hamburg, Germany where he made a number of short films and started working with Holger Strohm. He translated one of Holger's books into Polish ("Gaia weeps/The miracle of existence - and its destrucion").

Photographed by: Marcin El, Florian Pristouschek, Bryan Smith
Edited by: Marcin El
Music by: riccicomoto
VFX by: Martin Albertshauser
Read by: Nicola Ransom und John Delbridge


Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl Bechert †
Former president of the Nuclear Committee of the German Parliament, theoretical physicist, university director, politician of the SPD

Prof. Dr. Robert Jungk †
Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize), journalist and one of the founders of the future research center. Jungk was of Jewish origin. Both his parents were murdered by the Nazi regime. He described nuclear power as “a Super-Hitler”

Prof. Dr. Dr.mult. Hermann Scheer †
Laureate of the Right Livelihood Award, former member of the German Parliament (1980-2010), President of the World Council of renewable Energies and of Eurosolar, scientific journalist, economist, social scientist

Prof. Michael Müller
Former state secretary for the German Federal Environment Ministry, scientific journalist, chairman of several environmental organizations

Dr. Sebastian Pflugbeil
Physicist, civil-rights activist, former minister in the GDR, President of the Society for Radiation Protection

Marianne Fritzen
88 year old anti-nuclear activist, core member of the anti-nuclear movement in Gorleben (town currently used to store nuclear waste in a former salt mine)

Bärbel Höhn
Former minister for the environment and vice president of the Green Party in Germany

Stefan Wenzel
Chief of the Green Party in Hannover. President of the Committee on Climate, Environment and Nuclear Storage in the Parliament of Niedersachsen

Hanna Poddig

Heinz Smital
Reactor expert from Greenpeace

Günter Zint
Author and photographer

Sir Prof. Dr. Dr.mult. Horst Siegwart Günther
Physician, researcher, humanist

Dr. Jenan Hassan
Pediatrician in Basra, Iraq

Prof. Dr. Dr. Edmund Lengfelder
Radiobiologist, Tschernobyl expert, former president of the society for radiation protection

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Grimmel
University professor for geography, nuclear repository expert

Prof. Dr. Otmar Wassermann
Toxicologist, former president of the leukemia commission

Prof. Dr. Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake
Physicist, radiologist, member of the leukemia commission

Frieder Wagner
Movie director and multiple laureate of the Grimme Prize

Friedrich Bode
Pastor in the town of Brokdorf (nuclear power plant site)

Co-operation partners:

Greenpeace International, Greenpeace Germany, Greenpeace Austria, German Federal Agency of Radiation Protection, Ochoa-Wagner Movie Production, Movie Cooperative of Wendland, Radiation Climate Association (UDEO) Luzern, Switzerland, Panfoto, Pripyat.com, Media Academy Hamburg, Studio Hamburg for Camera Technology, Studio Hamburg for Post Production, Studio Hamburg Synchron.